Distributed energy is coming to the Wrexham Industrial Estate

This will reduce your costs, improve your energy reliability and make your business more sustainable.

Our vision is to revolutionise electricity and heat distribution and energy security within the Wrexham Industrial Estate, enhancing the competitiveness of businesses based here and improving your environmental credentials. 

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Our Estate-based, state of the art, power station and solar farm will generate low carbon electricity to be connected directly, reliably and cost effectively, to our customers across the Wrexham Industrial Estate.  


New infrastructure across the Estate will also enable us to deliver heat and cooling directly to customers, as well as potentially improve WIFI connectivity, create WIFI hotspots and introduce an electric vehicle charging network. 


To contribute to our planning and to optimise the configuration of the new facility, please complete this simple Energy Survey, telling us how much energy you currently use, and whether you expect this to change over time.




You can find out more about these exciting proposals by:

  • Joining one of our online Q&A sessions. Email us at to register your interest in taking part.

  • Calling us on 0800 319 6185.