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Distributed energy is coming to the Wrexham Industrial Estate by 2024

Wrexham Power has entered into partnership with Uniper, one of the largest and most experienced global energy companies, to work on the Wrexham Energy Centre and put the Wrexham Industrial Estate on the road to net zero by 2035.

Our vision is to revolutionise electricity and heat distribution and energy security within the Wrexham Industrial Estate, enhancing the competitiveness of businesses based here and improving your environmental credentials. 

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Our Estate-based, state of the art, power station to be connected directly, reliably and cost effectively, to our customers across the Wrexham Industrial Estate.


The new station is targeted to be operational and providing power for the Estate in 2024. 


New infrastructure across the Estate will also enable us to deliver heat and cooling directly to customers, as well as potentially improve WIFI connectivity, create WIFI hotspots and introduce an electric vehicle charging network. 


The Welsh Government has set a target for the country to be net zero carbon by 2050 and have an ambition to achieve this even faster. Uniper and Wrexham Power see this project as a key part of that journey.

Uniper and Wrexham Power will work to the Wrexham Energy Centre achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2035, well ahead of the Welsh Government's target. This will be achieved by utilising the latest and most cutting-edge technology.

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