The Energy Challenge on the Estate


Energy resilience is an issue on the Wrexham Industrial Estate. Power distribution to, and around, the Estate is antiquated and unreliable, with the power lines to the Estate (pictured right) originally erected in the 1950’s.  

There is little spare power capacity to attract new, hi-tech businesses to the Estate, and without significant costly and lengthy upgrades, even existing businesses might find your ability to expand is hampered by a lack of power availability.

Presently, power on the Estate is distributed by Scottish Power Energy Networks from the National Grid, with businesses paying for this delivery via your power bills.  


Businesses have no choice over how or where your power is generated.

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Our solution


We are planning an Estate-based, highly efficient gas fired power station, supported by a 20+ acre solar farm.  The precise generating capacity for this new combined facility will be decided in response to identified demand, however we already have consent in place for a gas fired power station with the capacity to generate upto 299 MWe.


We will develop a new private wire network across the Wrexham Industrial Estate, enabling us to deliver local generated electricity directly to our customers – and at a lower cost than you are currently paying with long term certainty.  From our initial modelling and other comparable schemes we anticipate savings on electricity costs of between 12-15%. 


Depending on demand, a heat network  – in the form of hot water or steam, a by-product of the electricity generating process can be provided.  In addition to providing process and accommodation heating this can be used in certain cooling technology to reduce the running costs of air conditioning and chiller equipment. When electricity and heat are combined we anticipate the savings on energy costs could increase to between 15-20%.


The new private wire network, will also provide power directly to a local network of strategically positioned electric vehicle charging points.  


We could significantly improve digital and telecoms infrastructure across the Estate, by including high speed optic cables within the ducts and we will provide battery storage capabilities, alongside our gas fired power station and solar farm.

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A mixed energy future


The energy sector is changing rapidly, with renewable sources contributing ever growing proportions of generating capacity.


As society rightly focuses on the environmental impact of power generation, it would be easy to focus exclusively on 100% renewable forms of energy.  The reality is that, today, some fossil fuel generation – gas, rather than coal – is still required, both to give flexibility and to even out the peaks and troughs that come from renewable energy generation.


The new Wrexham gas fired power station, combined with solar power and battery storage, will use the very latest technology to significantly reduce emissions and to improve efficiency. There will also be the opportunity to source the fuel used in the power station from renewable sources immediately increasing the speed of transition to carbon neutrality whilst also reducing the costs to the business. 


The power station will also be designed to be capable of conversion to clean, green hydrogen power generation, when this becomes a viable generation fuel.  Trials are already underway so this process is moving forward at pace.